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8th International Mountain and Outdoor Sports Conference

23rd – 26th November 2016

hosted at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Czech Republic, organised by the Department of Turistika, Outdoor Sports and Outdoor Education


  1. Promoting well-being and outdoor activities
  2. Integrating reflection, learning and outdoor activities
  3. Cross-cultural approaches to outdoor activities
  4. Environmental education through outdoor activities
  5. Social and economic impact of outdoor activities
  6. NEW TOPIC - Research and performance in outdoor sports
  7. The conference has gained an excellent evaluation because

    • it is not a mega event but a middle-size gathering of people you have a chance to meet, get to know and even find a common project
    • it has nice informal atmosphere supporting discussions and mutual learning
    • it is attended by people from different part of the field – practitioners, teachers, researchers, policy makers, managers and leaders of organisations
    • it is a learning opportunity also for young students and volunteers

    We warmly invite all experts from departments of outdoor sports and outdoor education of universities, policy makers and decision-makers from European and national institutions and leaders and trainers from national organisations to take part in the conference.

    Charles University in Prague Faculty of Physical Education and Sport
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