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Dear friends and colleagues,

We have been hesitating how to deal with planning the 10th IMOSC which should be held at the end of November 2020. Not only the Czech Republic speculates about the second coronavirus wave coming in autumn 2020. Some of our foreign colleagues are also concerned about free access to and from Central Europe.

The above fears lead us to the proposal to postpone the date of the conference to November 2021. However, we would not like to interrupt the conference tradition, as we have managed to maintain the continuity of scientific conferences with your contribution for more than 20 years.

We would be grateful for your feedback and at the same time would like to invite you to participate in IMOSC at a new date: 24th – 27th November 2021. We believe that the issue of outdoor education and outdoor sports will be still very topical.

With kind regards,
Jan Neuman and Jiri Balas

10th International Mountain and Outdoor Sports Conference

24th – 27th November 2021

Hosted at Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Czech Republic, organised by the Department of Turistika, Outdoor Sports and Outdoor Education.

We warmly invite all experts and students from universities, leaders and trainers from (inter)national federations, policy and decision-makers to take part in the conference.

We especially support young educators, scientists and practitioners to share their research and practice, and discuss their experiences amongst internationally recognised experts. The best contributions will be nominated for the Young Investigators Award – more information here.


  1. Outdoor education in formal and non-formal environments
  2. Outdoor, training and fitness
  3. Outdoor sports and sustainability
  4. Careers in outdoor activities

Practical workshops:

  1. Training and testing in climbing (26th – 27th November 2021)

The conference has received excellent feedback and reviews because

Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Department of Outdoor Sports